Our Culture

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    We let you know the facts; Perfume can only go so far, you need to know what’s the root of an issue and understand it before you can proceed.
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    We are not afraid. We fear nothing because we’ve already won. If you are seeing this message, you have changed some. Whether you know it or not, information you offer crosses many boundaries in finding a home in innovative thought. But it’s an individual skill, and individual gift, recognizing that has value is imperative.
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    Believe nothing unless you can verify it yourself. The things you can verify can be demonstrated clearly, or they are opinion. We are not in the opinion business, we deal with facts. In fact, we demand an exhilarating demonstration of truth, or what we’ve done, really doesn’t amount to very much.

Our Commitment

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    We join our customers and become one with them. We feel their pain, we experience what they do so we can see things from their perspective first, then we offer our expertise and experience to make the group excel, as a team, as a family should.
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    We’ve seen big and small companies, worked and owned in that environment. No matter what, the commitment to your plan, vision, and mission are completely relevant every day. If not, then they need to be modified, such that the starting gate is the same every day, but the journey gets better every time.  Running the daily races together is our commitment to ourselves and our customers. (not necessarily in that order)
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    We aren’t going to give up on you, your solution, your problems, or your goals. We have you in mind and are committed to your success even more so than our own.

Our Mission

To be the one true INNOVATOR that offers the world new opportunities to get better, one day, one step, one person, one idea at a time.  There’s nothing more fulfilling that seeing a dream come true and LSP has always been the dreamer and the visionary that sees the good, the best, and brings it out.  The mission is clear: “Help people and businesses, be as good as they possibly can be, and even better”.

Our Vision

LSP has a vision of a world where people realize their potential every day, at every task, and at every event in their lives. The world is not a fair place, it’s not an easy place, but it does offer opportunities for those who chose to use their time to maximize their potential. Not everyone has that vision, it becomes clouded.

The visionary understands the value of the vision; It was said, “Whatever you can Conceive, and Believe, you can Achieve. This is a wonderful vision statement and it follows our own “Backup, Look, and Ask” motto. Reduce the vision until you understand it, verify it to yourself, and the road will be clear. Just Drive It.

Our Values

LSP offers the commitment to you best interests first. We have the experience such that we have probably been where you are and have gone where you want to go, and we want to go with you.

We have founded ourselves on the principle that wherever you go, you leave it better than when you arrived; this is not finite, it’s a constant policy that drives everything we do; We’re committed to be making the world a better place through every step, not just for us and our customers, but everyone and everything.

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    Be accountable, work together as a team and communicate clearly.

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    Think outside the box, challenge constructively and act before others do.

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    Creating a positive place to work and supporting ethical initiatives.

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    Always deliver exceptional quality, accomplish and improve.