Building Facilities Management


Optimizing your equipment and facility

Custom equipment and facilities management is a deep topic, but integration with Internet of Things IoT and industrial equipment is critical to the future of the Smart facility. Let us show you how you can use PBO to optimize your buildings.


How does PBO optimize my business?

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    Simple End-User

    Take advantage of one user account to manage all your information for success.

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    Risk and Compliance

    Keep your contracts secure on our cloud. Track important confident meetings to ensure your closings are always on time.

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    Lock Down Time

    Optimize your time by knowing where everything is. Messages, contracts, open houses, and access to Zillow right on the spot. Make PBO work your way without code.


PBO's Unique Range of Benefits

  • Streamline

    Allow your day to become reliable on a day to day basis with PBO. Streamline your business without worrying about code, data, and more.

  • Trusted PBO Adviser 

    Every account with PBO will have a trusted adviser to walk you through the process.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Tasks that generally crunch and eat time are no longer a problem. PBO’s cloud stores everything unique to a business’s needs. It’s artificial intelligence always updates to ensure the business’s optimal needs are at the forefront.

  • Native and Unique

    PBO is your business’s buddy. It is designed after an initial consultation to be native to every aspect of your business’s needs. We make PBO for you. Anything is possible.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


How You Receive PBO

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    Meet with your trusted PBO adviser to start sculpting your buddy. Every PBO mobile application is unique based on each need. PBO’s artificial intelligence will always adjust to your time, your schedule, and what is needed right in front of you.

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    Give the expert the reigns. After a consultation, the trusted adviser will build your buddy. All business details, materials will be placed on the cloud for all your needs. Plus, if your buddy to change, you can reach your adviser 24/7.

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    All end-user devices are received and launched during the execution phase. Your trusted PBO adviser will show you how to use the program, and also, give you a super, secret, unique gift that each business receives. On execution, you are ready to become part of the future of optimization.