Why is PBO Different and Special?

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How is PBO Different?

PBO offers a way to THINK differently about your business activity.  Everyone’s journey is different, every day. Who needs to be TOLD, this is how my experience should live within the bounds of someone else’s pattern?  PBO offers the creativity to use any User Interface you can think of, and tie it to the basic concepts of THINGS THAT HAPPEN every day, and some more infrequently. When you think about what you do, I’m sure you don’t think of it in terms of CODE; neither do We.

How can I generate revenue while using PBO?

Because PBO uses the PBO Processing Engine for all business operations, everything you do is independent of anything you just did, or what you will do. As you do something, and it’s your way of doing it, you can offer that same Business Operation, to others just like you.  They can use YOUR Business Operation, what you thought up, without coding, and they can choose to use it in their own businesses. PBO tracks the usage of every operation, so if someone uses it, part of their usage fee will go to YOU.  It’s called PBO Shared Business Operations, and nobody does it; or at least they don’t YET.

How do I start with PBO?

We first talk to you, then we let you describe your business to us. What you do is completely unique and from what you say, we build you a two stage model. It covers what you do each day, and the things you do in general.  Then we build you an Alpha prototype and you and your team JOIN US to complete your Custom Application.  You try it out, and you use the built in communications to help us optimize the User Interface.  Once that’s done, you can have us help you learn how to help yourself create your own custom business operations, or we can walk along with you to keep refining, optimizing your operations until you have the technology and business partnership in place and PBO is your Buddy that stays with you as you and our AI based optimization partnership keeps you going and growing.

What does PBO cost?

Like most businesses, L Solution Products needs to be profitable and PBO must be allowed to generate revenue.  We do it at costs that are based on company size and real time usage.  To start off, we have a scale of initialization fees and hardware options that are tailored to each business’ conditions.

Once the Alpha/Beta stage begins there are usage and monthly service fees that are again based on revenue and partner’s sizes.  Entry Fees start at 5,000 to 20,000 depending on the customers.

Finally, after deployment there are various monthly service support fees that are all designed to be “reasonable” and not exhorbinant, and there’s an application level usage model that makes up the rest of the revenue expenses.

PBO is designed to be affordable and the best deal possible for this type of technology.

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