Cloud Computing and IoT


What is Cloud Computing and iOT?

Delivery of Cloud and Mobile based solutions allows for all areas of technological Architecture and solutions for you changing business needs.

Years experience


Years experience
End user satisfaction


End user satisfaction
Service desk


Service desk

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Cloud Based Data Solutions

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    Cloud  or “SKY” as we like to call it is independent of the PBO AIBOS platform. We can integrate with any cloud you choose. 

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    Service desk

    Multiple layers of support for PBO are available. Whenever you need a change, there is always someone there to help you.

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    Cutting edge and legacy technology is fine with PBO. It’s a world of data, why be bound by hardware or software platforms?

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    Endpoint management

    Integration with with your life and the cloud  is completed within the wheel house of PBO.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • More Time

    Get more time for more business to make more money.

  • Trusted IT advisor

    Every account with PBO will have a trusted advisor to walk you through setting up your buddy.

  • Economy of scale

    Your business with scale, the price of PBO will never change once you are grandfathered in. Our revolution is a promise and changes the future.

  • Increased efficiency

    Streamline your life and have control over all aspects. Give depth, resounding will, and become the master of your everyday tasks while in the professional atmosphere.

  • Reliable Day to Day

    Allow your day to become reliable on a day to day basis with PBO.

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