Event Management and Technology


What is Event Managed solutions?

Event Management using PBO Technology opens up the possibilities of complete integration of mobile and cloud resources along with real time local connectivity.  Individualized levels of support from management to site personnel to clients is all integrated using the Unique PBO AI Bot Operating System.

Years experience


Years experience
End user satisfaction


End user satisfaction
Service desk


Service desk

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Event Management

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    Cloud and local connected PBO applications optimize ever area of your environment.

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    PBO is the answer to many questions of how to scale your enterprise solutions.

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    Service desk

    Support is an integral part of all PBO solutions and interconnected communication allows support and sharing of information seamlessly.

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    PBO integrates with any cloud technology resources and currently supports the most popular cloud storage platform.

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    Endpoint management

    Interconnected mobile devices and cloud applications operating with synergy and custom User interfaces make for an amazing business Experience.

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    Since we allow any API or any custom application to be integrated into PBO, there’s no limit to where your imagination can take you.

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    Managed services plus

    All PBO systems are managed using PBO tools, so access, administration, development, and support all operate using the same PBO AI Bot Operating System. It’s simply remarkable.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Take Control of Time

    Get more time for the endeavors in the grand scheme. Your events can now be all dialed at the one point of an interface.

  • Trusted IT advisor

    Every account with PBO will have a trusted advisor to walk you through setting up your buddy to create a unique personal experience for all businesses.

  • Economy of scale

    Big Data has a lot of surplus. Stop the surplus, put it in one place.

  • Increased efficiency

    Allow the data and mass amount of files to be all right in front of you rather than in 9 different dimensions.

  • Streamline

    Thanks to artificial intelligence. Everything is live updated, streamlined, all the priority data sent right to the top. No more searching.

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