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Optimize Your Business; Your Way; Without Code!

We Don’t Code – BWDC – is the motto of Professional Business Optimization; A new technology currently running on mobile devices with a cloud back-end.  This may not seem like much at face value but when you think about how difficult it is to deliver custom experiences to your customers and have their own expertise become the catalyst for their own business processing experience, eyes start to open fast.

The key is to be able to deliver the content to them early, quickly, and then nurture the relationship with them through the process of making their application their own.

But it gets better; the end game is, get this; they eventually become their own development team!  How, well that’s the secret of PBO.  

Imagine an application, connected to a constant evaluation of how they use it and immediately improve, remove, add, and create new experiences that as development teams, we couldn’t dream of. But our customers do. They dream of a world where their entire technology experience happens their way; we have that goal in mind.

  • Create custom applications that optimize everything our customers do.
  • The customer tells us about their day, and we offer them a companion.
  • This companion becomes their “buddy” and together they go to battle.
  • They are offered a way to build new functions and then offer them to others.
  • We don’t rake them over the coals with high cost change orders.
  • We expect and embrace their changes and reward them for it.
  • All this with a monthly support fee and an affordable usage model.

We embrace the Cloud, or Sky as we like to refer to it; (cloud is obfuscated and mysterious) we consider the web, the sky and there are no limits.

Our customers can access ANY application anywhere, connected or not, manage their documents their way, keep their “pre-existing applications” and build new ones that none of us have ever dreamed of.  

Opening up the world of technology to a whole new group of technology oriented clients who don’t need programmers to make things happen, this is not a dream, it’s real, it’s now; it’s PBO – BWDC.